How Much Is The Rosin Press?

How much is the Rosin Press? Anyone who does not know what Cannabis or Hemp Rosin is is not likely to understand the importance of using the right brand of Rosin heating press. Rosin has been around for a while now. And hemp rosin is legal in all states of the United States. It is legal to own, produce and even sell Rosin products since it contains only 0.3% THC. and is the federally legal percentage amount in any cannabis product. And because it is not psychoactive and has a whopping 80-90% CBD/non-psychoactive compound, it is all right for consumption on so many levels.

What is a Rosin Press

The Rosin press is for extracting Rosin from Cannabis and hemp plants. A marijuana connoisseur understands the difference in methods of extractions using solvents or not. They will tell you the solventless extracts are the best. Hence the use of heat, and why you need a good heating press for the job. 

The investment in a good Rosin press will determine the quality of your end product. Some people enjoy a good DIY project and use their hair straightener to extract the good stuff in a pinch. While this is adequate, you may not get the fulsome effects and potency extracted from your flowers. The reality is that using a hair straightener is for emergencies or if your production is for home use only. 

How to Choose a Good Rosin Press For Your Needs

Choosing a rosin press is a monster decision-making process. It requires you to know how much production you are thinking of doing and the material you plan to use for extracting the Rosin. Because there are a few marijuana or hemp materials you can make the precious extraction, you may not know which machine to purchase until you have started experimenting with a few.

The materials you may want to experiment with are kief, hash, fresh hemp, or cannabis flowers for extraction. 

Firstly, you need to understand how the rosin press works. Since the machine is a press, your powers of deduction tell you it presses the material for extracting the Rosin. First, the two plates on the device are heated, between which you place the raw material for removing the Rosin. Then, the plates are heated evenly across both surfaces, and the pressure applied causes the gooey stuff to squeeze out virtually liquid gold!

The raw material you are using (hash, flowers, kief, hemp) determines the amount of pressure you need. And this will determine the quality of Rosin you extract. The correct heat and pressure from the machine you decide to purchase is relevant overall. 

More About The Significance of A Good Rosin Press

An experience rosin user and maker know what brand of a heating press is suitable for any of the above materials for extracting Rosin. The right amount of heat, proper heat distribution, and pressure are essential. Working with too much heat and pressure; can cause the rosin extract to be low quality. In addition, it may burn the terpenes, which lowers the taste and flavor of the Rosin. There may even be some compounds that come out in the finished product you do not want. 

Selecting The Right Rosin Press for You

There are many brands of Rosin presses on the market, and the ones for 2022 come with features you may need or not. Here are a few of these heating presses for you to choose from for extracting your Rosin. 

First, you need to know the specifications of the press you are looking for to do the job. There are six types/brands to choose from based on the experts. They all come with varying weight, size, pressure, heating, and price range. The heating plate volume or surface capacity, the time it takes to extract Rosin, and how well it regulates the temperature you require for production.

There are heating presses suitable for home use, perfect for a person who enjoys a good Cannabis DIY challenge. They Manual Rosin Press because they use a crank operation.  

Some Manual Rosin Presses to Choose from

The NugSmasher OG:

  • It weighs 74 pounds.
  • The plate size is 4×4 inches.
  • Its maximum pressure is 12 tons.

The plate capacity is 14 grams of Cannabis material, and the price is $796.

The Pure Pressure Helix 5-ton Manual Press: This is excellent for a capacity of 12 grams of flower / 20+ grams of hash. Its weight is 70 pounds, its maximum pressure is 5 tons, its temperature range is 0-300° F, and the plate size is 7x 2.5 inches. The price is $3,695

There is a Hydraulic Rosin Press suitable for manual DIY jobs, and although it uses a manual pump, it also uses hydraulic cylinders. They are quieter than other pneumatic press systems, and the capacity is excellent for small bulk Rosin production.

Rosin Presses Ecxellent For Commercial Use

The best Rosin press for commercial jobs is pneumatically operated and is easy to use. You only have to push a button, and it starts pressing your Cannabis material. There is no crank operation for these brands of heat presses, and they use air compressors.

Pure Pressure Pike’s Peak V2: The price is $5,995, and for this price, you can see why. It weighs 120 pounds, has a maximum pressure of 5 tons, its plate size is 10×3 inches, can accommodate 20 grams of flower / 35 grams of kief or hash, and operates at a temperature of 0-3000 F.

The Pure Pressure Longs Peak Press: Its plate capacity is 35 grams of flower / 70 grams of kief or hash, with a surface area of 10×3 inches. Its maximum pressure is 6 tons, and the temperature range is 0-3000 F.  

There are also electric Rosin presses on the market. They are easy to operate; with just the push of a button, they are not as noisy and work by electric pumps. However, they are generally not recommended for commercial operations. The capacity is high volume. However, the pressure and heating levels are ideal for accommodating small amounts of material for pressing. 

Here are the names of a few electric Rosin Heating Presses you may want to investigate:

  • Rosin Bomb M-60; $1479
  • Terminator TRP Stack ( Ait and Electric in this brand)- Investigate price for comparison

The Best Hybrid Rosin Presses on the Market

  • Sasquatch V2- $3,369
  • Nugmaster Pro- $3,506


Regardless of why you decide to buy a Rosin press, it is what your intentions are for wanting one. If it is for do-it-yourself jobs or commercial use, choosing the ideal machine makes the difference. You can invest in a press and generate the best grade, Rosin, for your needs. Have fun Pressing!



How To Mix Rosin With PG

How do you mix Rosin with PG? I will assume you know what Rosin is. However, for those who do not, it is a cannabis-concentrated extract. The process does not use harsh chemicals like butane or carbon dioxide, which is what resin extraction entails. It’s the extract of fresh-cut buds pressed using a heating press at moderate to high temperatures, parchment paper, and pressure. The contents are a sticky liquid of golden color that has the potency of almost 100% of the plant’s THC or CBD levels. In addition, the process preserves the plants’ terpenes and flavonoids which determine the flavor. 

So, What is PG

Now you have an idea as to what Rosin is; we will tell you what PG means. As a general rule, most people know PG to be the ratings of any movie ever made. So, it is either PG-parental guidance, A- a-adult, or XXX erotica. But, we are not talking about the film; we are talking about Cannabis and how PG-propylene glycol relates to the substance.

PG is a viscous, colorless liquid that is nearly odorless but has a faintly sweet taste. Its chemical formula contains two alcohol groups and is a classified diol. It is a compound that can blend in any ratio with water, acetone, or chloroform. 

Propylene glycol; is also used in various edible items such as coffee-based drinks, liquid sweeteners, ice cream, whipped dairy products, and soda.

In addition, vaporizers used to deliver pharmaceuticals or personal-care products often include propylene glycol among the ingredients. For example, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are used as a moistening agent to prevent the skin from drying—propylene glycol is a solvent in many pharmaceuticals, including oral, injectable, and topical formulations. In addition, many pharmaceutical drugs insoluble in water utilize propylene glycol as a solvent and carrier. 

PG is broad-based in its uses, hence the pairing with Rosin. 

How To Mix Rosin With PG

Cannabis or Hemp Rosin is the new kid on the block, and because it is a pure extract, people gravitate toward its wholesome results. Smoking and vaping marijuana is still a choice to enjoy the plant. Adding this extract to Rosin in the mix as an alternative for use, there are expert cannabis connoisseurs that experiment with infusing it with vaping. 

Using Rosin in many cases is for relief from medical issues. Most Rosin is from Hemp, which contains the highest percentage of CBD. CBD is not reactive as a psychoactive, and it gives relief from problems, anxiety, chronic pain, nausea from the chemo treatment, relieves stress, and more. While THC, being the chemical in the plant that gives the high most people crave, also can make Rosin. This Rosin is just as potent because of the strain of the cannabis plant used for extraction. 

Both CBD and THC are from Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. Depending on the complexity of flavor and potency, you desire the particular plant you use. 

Now we are venturing into the meat of the matter. The age group for vaping is between 18- 33, and while this is so because Rosin is a cleaner compound, it is not difficult. 

Mixing Rosin for Vaping is Simple 

Mixing Rosin is to make it less dense or sticky. The experts say you do this by adding our PG- Propylene glycol and VG- Vegetable Glycerin. VG is from vegetable oil and is considered safe by the FDA- federal drug administration. During production, PG is added to daily products like shampoos, lotions, beauty products, etc. However, on its own, it is not workable for what people need in vaping Cannabis because Rosin is a heavier consistency hence the need for PG and VG blend.

Once you have your e-juice, you will add it to your Rosin. A 1:1 ratio should work well. However, if your e-juice is more VG than PG, you might need to use it more. Sometimes adding a little water is helpful. Heat the liquid for 10-15 seconds. Then stir. If the fluid is still very viscous, you may need to add more of the thinner. And this is the experiment phase, and it will probably take a few runs to get it right. Finally, you can use a syringe; to inject the liquid into your cartridge.” End Quote.

Using Rosin and How To Make it

Making Rosin at home is easy, as stated earlier. You will need a hair straightener, fresh marijuana buds, parchment paper for collecting the juice, and a clean airtight jar for storage. You heat the hair straightener to 150-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the marijuana bud between the folded parchment paper and then between the clamp of the straightener. Apply as much pressure as you can to its contents, watching for the golden liquid to ooze out onto the parchment paper. And VIOLA, this is Rosin!

More dedicated users of Cannabis may choose to invest in a heating press ideal for home manufacturing. People venturing into commercial production may consider buying a more extensive press to maintain volume. 


Rosin is legal in all states of the United States, and because most of the products sold contain the Hemp strain, there is no concern for psychoactive experiences. However, you can get an overdose from using its products, so you must be a responsible user. 

Recommendations for using are; use at home, be in a trusted company when using, and ensure you are a licensed medical card once put in public and have to indulge. 

Overdosing can cause sleepiness, unable to drive and be alert while doing this, and may cause an issue when using heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, as recommended above, use with care. The product is suitable for recreational and medical purposes; it is a pure, unadulterated extract product. Don’t abuse its privileges, and enjoy your Go!!