Can you consume weed without smoking? For centuries marijuana, weed, or Cannabis, the method of consumption was smoking. Some made teas or added them to meals. The smoking of marijuana is culturally accepted, and the visualization of smokers will condor people drawing on a joint, bong, or pipe.

However, medically smoking is not healthy, and people suffering from respiratory illnesses are not supposed to be smoking anyway. Furthermore, it is not a discrete pastime, and because of the odor and plumes of smoke that comes with smoking cannabis, there are alternatives to consumption. And this is because more and more people of every age group are starting to realize the benefits of using marijuana. 

So, What Are The Different Ways To Consume Weed Without Smoking?

More people of every age group are consuming weed. Younger folks between 18-40 may consider smoking marijuana acceptable. However, older folks are accustomed to administering medications by mouth, taking pills, liquids, or even injections. Smoking medication in their world does not constitute taking their meds. So, Cannabis product manufacturers are facilitating different methods for consuming weed than smoking.

Here Are Some of The Different Methods For Weed Consumption

The Edible Method

The coined terminology edibles came about when people made their pot brownies, having it as tea, infusing it in oils/ Cannabis Coconut Oil, or kinds of butter and everyday meals; made it possible for Marijuana products for consumption other than smoking.

Edibles are for recreational or medicinal purposes. Recreational, the products contain more THC that users need to experience euphoria. The effects are not as quick when consuming as smoking, but the high lasts longer.

Medicinally, cannabis edibles are in the form of gummies, candies, Tinctures, and more, for consumption. The doctor writing these prescriptions has licenses within the state they practice. Their patients are given a marijuana medical card at the Cannabis Dispensary for filling the prescriptions. 

Medical marijuana products contain CBD, the chemical in the Cannabis plant that does not cause psychoactive effects. The Hemp plant is the most reliable of the Cannabis strain plant for providing 100% CBD for making these products. However, CBD extracted from marijuana can contain small amounts of THC that may affect the user. Therefore it is safer to use Hemp medical CBD products for treating patients.

The Pills, Capsules, and Tablets Method

It seems a strange concept for marijuana consumption to be in tablets, capsules, and pills form. But manufacturers of cannabis products are geared to facilitate the drug’s users what is comfortable to them. The skepticism about smoking your medicines is no longer a consideration. Instead, they see it as taking the required dose in a more traditional format, and if your doctor prescribes marijuana meds for treatment, it is best to ask what are the available options other than smoking. 

The Weed-Infused Beverage Method

The cannabis consumption options have incorporated beverages in their range of available products, making it more valid for people living in Los Angeles since it is one of the states in the US that have legalized marijuana. However, if you are not a native LA person, there are other ways to enjoy your weed-infused beverage. 

Marijuana extracts are in Tinctures and oils, which you can buy at any Cannabis Dispensary. If you prefer CBD concentrates, this Hemp product is available across all 50 States. You can blend your weed beverage with whatever flavor drinks, teas, coffee, cocktails, or personal favorites you desire. 

Weed Tinctures and oils are ideal for those desiring to make their beverages as potent or less potent, depending on their preferences. Only ask the dispensary what percentage of THC or CBD is in the products. Cannabis or Hemp Rosin because it is 100% concentrated extracts, there is the caution to go slow. 

Weed Topicals And Creams Method

These are extremely good for people suffering from joint or muscular pains. It contains less bioavailability as a consumption method, yet it is effective. The products come in Cannabis balms, gels, creams, salves, lotions, and bath bombs. The Topicals and creams, when rubbed to the skin, and the effects are almost immediate. The bath bombs are therapeutic as they help relax and revitalize the body, soothing painful and tired muscles. These are other ways of consumption of weed. 

Vaping Weed

Many people may think this is another form of smoking the herb; however, technically, it is not. The process requires heat but in a more sophisticated format. You heat to the vape pen; the oils are heated and release vapors for you to inhale. As a result, many believe the vape pen may outlive joints, blunts, and pipes, someday becoming obsolete. 

Finally, Weed Transdermal Patch Method

Like the nicotine patch, when the application is to the skin, It releases the drug as required, and for people that may develop any side effects, they can remove it quickly. Like any medication, some people do produce side effects. It is always the way to go for adhering to the doctor’s prescription and keeping your follow-up appointments. If you notice any unusual signs, inform your doctor.


The many choices for consuming Weed, Cannabis, or Marijuana are dependent on which option is comfortable for you. Considering the herb is legally available in all states in CBD form, while THC formats products are in dispensaries, for people using the drug for the first time, it can not be cautious enough, GO SLOW!

The age requirement for people to buy weed is 18 years.

And this is for people to use for medical reasons. The 18-year-old cannot legally go into a Cannabis dispensary and purchase the drug. They must possess a medical card and have a valid prescription, and even then, they must also be under the care and supervision of an adult caregiver. 

Recreational users also must start from age 18 to make purchases. Experience weed users understand the risks of using outside of a controlled environment and, as such, do this at their own risk. Anyone using marijuabna recreationally must decide to make responsible choices for the use.