What’s the street value of a gram of weed? For decades, buying marijuana on the street has been a pastime for many cannabis users. The fact is, this is where cannabis was available decades ago. After intense lobbying by expert users and some political representatives globally, legalization came about. Not because it is legal in many states within the United States and other countries, there are still regulations attached to cannabis. These regulations; are determined by culture and what the governments of each state or country understand about Cannabis. 

The cost is relative to strain, whether Hybrid, Sativa or Indica. It is also priced based on the location it originates. So, what is the street value of a gram of weed?

What is the Street Value of a Gram of Weed

As stated, it depends on the strain. The strains mentioned above are of the highest quality you can find worldwide, and the cost is affected. Street sold cannabis can be expensive because it is illegal. The going rate for a gram of Cannabis is $10- $20, though you can get it for less depending on what you are buying.

Street Weed For Sale

If you buy flowers, you will likely get a mix of leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems. The price may be the same as quoted, but you will have to sift through the small ball of marijuana you bought to get an excellent high. Some packages contain shakes, leaves, and stems that remain in the bags after removing the bales of ganja. And yes, this is sold. There is nothing of the plant that goes to waste. The commodity is expensive to grow, process, and ship, so they sell everything!

Illegal or street-sold pot carries a high value, especially from a particular location within the United States. If “imported” from another country, the price will be higher. It’s said; that the Jamaican Ganja is of the highest quality in the western region, so it demands a higher price. 

What Does a Gram of Street Weed Look Like

To determine if you are buying the exact weight of weed on the street, you must know what to buy. Expert Cannabis users who buy the product on the road can tell if they are purchasing the right weight or not. At the same time, newbies to using marijuana may want to take an experienced person along for their first buy. The sellers on the street can recognize newbies and determine what they can get away with for sale. 

Whether sold on the street, a gram looks like a small ball. It is the most negligible weight of weed that is available anywhere. Generally rolled in plastic or saran wrap, you can find sellers peddling their wares in knapsacks, shoulder bags, or any corner store. 

Here is a visual image of what a gram looks like:

One thing to note about street weed: you are not sure what you are buying, as the sellers are not the most trustworthy people to purchase the product you need. The product can contain chemical contaminants that can cause serious medical issues. 

Licensed Dispensaries and Selling Products

Comparing a street seller and a licensed Cannabis dispensary is like night and day. They have to be trustworthy in the quality products they sell. Their products are more refined, and you get what you venture into the store to buy. Because these dispensaries are regulated, it is not too difficult to see why they have to adhere to the law’s standards. 

A gram sold in a Cannabis dispensary is exactly a gram. So whether buying flowers or shake, you get the weight you need. People are known to take their scale to dispensaries when purchasing to ensure they get the gram of weed they are buying.

Dispensaries must sell Medicinal and recreational weed products with THC and CBD’s designated content in the products. The drug laws require this. They are visited, and the products get tested to ensure they comply. They must do this to ensure the safety of people that use the products manufactured from Cannabis.

Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries

They are licensed to sell Cannabis for treating medical conditions. These medical issues are chronic pain, depression, anxiety, nausea from the chemo treatment, etc. For a person to buy medical Cannabis, they must be licensed and have a doctor that is also licensed to prescribe the drug for them. You cannot just walk into a dispensary and request the product. 

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

They operate under the same laws as the medical dispensary and must be licensed. The products sold must contain the requisite THC and CBD percentages as stated by law. 

Persons buying different products for recreational use cannot use them outdoors. However, some “Coffee Shops” in Colorado legally allow customers to smoke weed. It is a concept practiced in some European countries and has caught on in the United States. 

Recreational marijuana products can be edibles, Resin, Gummies, concentrates, Lollys, cookies, rolled joints, oils, etc. Some people buy concentrates, Resin, and oils to make products for sale or for their use. 

They even enjoy throwing private weed parties among friends. And this is the safest way to use weed and its products recreationally. This is because should you have an adverse reaction while using. And you can get assistance to get medical help. Hence the reason you are advised to know the dealer you are buying your gram of weed from on the street. 


Because street weed is illegal, the price can be pricy. Should it become legal to be sold on the streets, they will reduce the cost. And this is because the risks are taken by illegally selling it no longer exist. What is the street value of weed per gram? It depends on who you buy from and wherein the country. 


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