How To Mix Rosin With PG

How do you mix Rosin with PG? I will assume you know what Rosin is. However, for those who do not, it is a cannabis-concentrated extract. The process does not use harsh chemicals like butane or carbon dioxide, which is what resin extraction entails. It’s the extract of fresh-cut buds pressed using a heating press at moderate to high temperatures, parchment paper, and pressure. The contents are a sticky liquid of golden color that has the potency of almost 100% of the plant’s THC or CBD levels. In addition, the process preserves the plants’ terpenes and flavonoids which determine the flavor. 

So, What is PG

Now you have an idea as to what Rosin is; we will tell you what PG means. As a general rule, most people know PG to be the ratings of any movie ever made. So, it is either PG-parental guidance, A- a-adult, or XXX erotica. But, we are not talking about the film; we are talking about Cannabis and how PG-propylene glycol relates to the substance.

PG is a viscous, colorless liquid that is nearly odorless but has a faintly sweet taste. Its chemical formula contains two alcohol groups and is a classified diol. It is a compound that can blend in any ratio with water, acetone, or chloroform. 

Propylene glycol; is also used in various edible items such as coffee-based drinks, liquid sweeteners, ice cream, whipped dairy products, and soda.

In addition, vaporizers used to deliver pharmaceuticals or personal-care products often include propylene glycol among the ingredients. For example, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are used as a moistening agent to prevent the skin from drying—propylene glycol is a solvent in many pharmaceuticals, including oral, injectable, and topical formulations. In addition, many pharmaceutical drugs insoluble in water utilize propylene glycol as a solvent and carrier. 

PG is broad-based in its uses, hence the pairing with Rosin. 

How To Mix Rosin With PG

Cannabis or Hemp Rosin is the new kid on the block, and because it is a pure extract, people gravitate toward its wholesome results. Smoking and vaping marijuana is still a choice to enjoy the plant. Adding this extract to Rosin in the mix as an alternative for use, there are expert cannabis connoisseurs that experiment with infusing it with vaping. 

Using Rosin in many cases is for relief from medical issues. Most Rosin is from Hemp, which contains the highest percentage of CBD. CBD is not reactive as a psychoactive, and it gives relief from problems, anxiety, chronic pain, nausea from the chemo treatment, relieves stress, and more. While THC, being the chemical in the plant that gives the high most people crave, also can make Rosin. This Rosin is just as potent because of the strain of the cannabis plant used for extraction. 

Both CBD and THC are from Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. Depending on the complexity of flavor and potency, you desire the particular plant you use. 

Now we are venturing into the meat of the matter. The age group for vaping is between 18- 33, and while this is so because Rosin is a cleaner compound, it is not difficult. 

Mixing Rosin for Vaping is Simple 

Mixing Rosin is to make it less dense or sticky. The experts say you do this by adding our PG- Propylene glycol and VG- Vegetable Glycerin. VG is from vegetable oil and is considered safe by the FDA- federal drug administration. During production, PG is added to daily products like shampoos, lotions, beauty products, etc. However, on its own, it is not workable for what people need in vaping Cannabis because Rosin is a heavier consistency hence the need for PG and VG blend.

Once you have your e-juice, you will add it to your Rosin. A 1:1 ratio should work well. However, if your e-juice is more VG than PG, you might need to use it more. Sometimes adding a little water is helpful. Heat the liquid for 10-15 seconds. Then stir. If the fluid is still very viscous, you may need to add more of the thinner. And this is the experiment phase, and it will probably take a few runs to get it right. Finally, you can use a syringe; to inject the liquid into your cartridge.” End Quote.

Using Rosin and How To Make it

Making Rosin at home is easy, as stated earlier. You will need a hair straightener, fresh marijuana buds, parchment paper for collecting the juice, and a clean airtight jar for storage. You heat the hair straightener to 150-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the marijuana bud between the folded parchment paper and then between the clamp of the straightener. Apply as much pressure as you can to its contents, watching for the golden liquid to ooze out onto the parchment paper. And VIOLA, this is Rosin!

More dedicated users of Cannabis may choose to invest in a heating press ideal for home manufacturing. People venturing into commercial production may consider buying a more extensive press to maintain volume. 


Rosin is legal in all states of the United States, and because most of the products sold contain the Hemp strain, there is no concern for psychoactive experiences. However, you can get an overdose from using its products, so you must be a responsible user. 

Recommendations for using are; use at home, be in a trusted company when using, and ensure you are a licensed medical card once put in public and have to indulge. 

Overdosing can cause sleepiness, unable to drive and be alert while doing this, and may cause an issue when using heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, as recommended above, use with care. The product is suitable for recreational and medical purposes; it is a pure, unadulterated extract product. Don’t abuse its privileges, and enjoy your Go!!


Are THC Edibles Illegal in Denver?

Are THC edibles illegal in Denver? The laws governing Cannabis and its products in the United States have come a long way. However, because there are many marijuana products on the market for medical and recreational use, the public needs to know what is legal in all states and what is not. For example, edibles are concentrated forms of marijuana. Regulations as to percentage legal to consume, have in your possession, and where to make purchases for their potency.

Edibles and Their legality in Denver

Though being the leading state in the US for marijuana laws, Colorado has regulations concerning the usage of medical and recreational weed products. The age concerns are as follows: It is illegal for minors below 18 to buy marijuana products even if they own a medical certificate. They cannot go into a Dispensary at 18- 21 years of age and make purchases without a medical certificate. 

There are also regulations on the amount you can possess or purchase. For marijuana flowers, you legally have no more than one ounce on your person. Medical users legally can have two ounces, while recreational users are allowed to own no more than one ounce. 

Concentrates sold at registered dispensaries can only sell no more than 8 grams per person, equivalent to one vape cartridge. However, they can sell 800 mg of THC in edible products legally. So, yes, THC edibles are legal in Denver.

Driving Under The Influence in Denver

Any form of product containing THC under Colorado state law is illegal to drive after consumption. If your blood cannabis level is anything over five nanograms of THC, this is cause for arrest. And this is concerning any form of marijuana consumption. Therefore should you decide to consume any form of weed, it is safe to say don’t drive. And this also governs operating any heavy-duty machinery or equipment. 

Driving or operating these types of machinery under the influence of these products can cause serious accidents. THC is the operative compound in weed that causes euphoric or psychoactive effects in the brain. Driving or operating in that type of brain fog is not wise. 

So, What are Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are products made containing Cannabis concentrates. Whether products with THC or CBD concentrates, there are differences between their reactions in the body:

  • It is the psychoactive compound in the Cannabis plant.
  • THC causes symptoms of; anxiety, increase heart rate, memory loss, dry mouth, coordination issues, red eyes, and slow reaction time

For these reactions to affect the body, consumption must be by smoking the flowers, vaping, or eating edibles containing THC concentrates like; gummies, tinctures, capsules, and drinks. Because of the psychoactive reactions in the brain and its endocannabinoid system, legally used for recreational purposes, Denver has made the plunge. However, care is critical during consumption.


It is considered the milder compound contained in the marijuana plant. It does have some psychoactive properties, but not in the way THC affects the brain.

  • CBD causes symptoms of change in appetite, weight loss, sleepiness, fatigue, diarrhea, and dizziness.
  • CBD is effective in relieving medical symptoms, but most people find prescription drugs are not as effective. The medical issues are anxiety, chronic pain, depression, seizures, PTSD- post-traumatic stress disorder, nausea from chemotherapy treatment, and more. 

The two cannabis compounds overlap for treating most if not all medical conditions related to the above listings. The difference is with the significant psychoactive effects that THC gives. People wanting relief from these medical issues prefer to get relief without the high. Therefore they choose to use CBD products. Whether it is edibles, gummies, tinctures, or Rosin( which is a reasonably new extracted concentrate from the Cannabis flowers), these products are tolerated even if used in large doses. The adverse reactions persons experience from using CBD products; research has shown it is as a result of mixing the products with pharmaceutical meds.

Things to Know About using THC Edibles

Edibles are from concentrates extracted from the Cannabis plant. The potency is far higher than smoking the plant, so the recommendation is to go slow during consumption.

Because smoking marijuana does not regulate the amount for consumption, users of edibles do not realize the faster effects related to the products. Therefore it is best to ask questions of the Cannabis Dispensary staff about consumption and dosages. Most package edibles are portioned in 10 mg capsules and are OK for one dose. And this applies to new users. 

More experienced weed users will have a higher tolerance, so they may need more pieces to feel its effects. 

THC Edibles and Its legality in Denver

The Federal Drug Administration – FDA and DEA- Drug Enforcement Administration has classified cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. Hemp, although it is a member of the marijuana family of plants, is no longer considered a controlled substance. There have been laws passed in 33 states in the US that have legalized Cannabis drugs for treating medical issues. They stipulate in these laws users must possess a medical card and be prescribed by a medical doctor licensed by the state.

The states that have declared Cannabis legal classify CBD and its products as lawful as well, even though it is still a schedule 1 drug. Users of both THC and CBD products, if found to have them in states where the drug is illegal, can face legal issues. 


THC is legal in some states in the United States, yet some regulations govern usage in these states. If you are not aware of the rules concerning every state, please take the time to inform yourself. It may be too bad on your part if you find yourself in trouble with state law. Whether using Cannabis edibles for recreational or medical reasons, enjoy the experience, knowing you have adhered to the legal guidelines concerning the products. 



What Are Hemp CBD Gummies And How To Make Them

What are CBD Gummies and how do you make them? For children growing up in the early 21st Century, there were Flintstone Gummies for administering vitamins and minerals to children. Then, it graduated to adult edibles for helping the same thing. Most children have formulated the habit of getting their daily requirement of mineral supplements’ gummy-wise’, so manufacturers facilitate this. 

The world of Cannabis and Hemp and its myriad of edible products see the convenience and attraction for consumers of marijuana edibles in gummies as a treat. The convenience enables users of the product to consume no more than is comfortable for them in strength. In addition, they have options of the different flavors they like and are confident in knowing they can take it anywhere with them for use.

So, What Are Hemp CBD Gummies

The hemp plant is a member of the Cannabis plant species. The plant containing the non-psychoactive chemical CBD interacts comfortably with the human cannabidiol nervous system and enables beneficial results. The hemp plant does not have the THC chemical readily contained in Cannabis. 

Manufacturers have formulated strengths for broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and Delta-9, which are readily available within the products made by cbdMD. 

Their chemical components of a broad spectrum product contain extracts of compounds from the hemp plant containing all the active ingredients without THC.

The full-spectrum hemp CBD extract contains low potency compounds found in the plant with mild traces of THC added.

The Delta 9 is a blend of hemp CBD extract and Delta 9 THC yet still contains the active compounds contained in the plant. 

Whatever the chemical components, these treats are chewy, sweet, sticky, candy-containing cannabinoids extras from the hemp plant.

CBD and Hemp Gummies

What is the difference between these products? There is not that noticeable difference. The deal is that manufacturers must adhere to The Farm Bill passed in 2018 with its federal stipulations and make Hemp legal; they must ensure products contain the allowed potency percentage. And as long as the products produced have hemp CBD and not Cannabis. Manufacturers cannot, however, mix the drug with shelf foods and label them containing CBD. Instead, these products must be sold and distributed in licensed Cannabis Dispensaries. If stores choose to sell CBD products, they must be labeled hemp gummies. 

Most users and sellers of the product have numerous pseudo names attached to the products, and they can get confused for a newbie. Therefore, it is best to ask the dispensary for clarification about which is which before purchasing anything. 

How To make them:

Many recipes are available online, and for people wanting to try their hand at making these medicinal treats at home, you will need a few items. 

Making them is easy if you follow the recipe and attached instructions. This recipe is an excerpt from The Essential Guide To CBD/ posted on the Taste of Home website by Lindsay Mattison.

Things you will need:
  • Silicone Molds
  • Droppers
  • Pippet/ small spoon
  • VBD oil
  • An airtight glass jar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup dried hibiscus flowers or six hibiscus tea bags
  • 3- tablespoons dried fruit powder, like raspberry or strawberry
  • 1-1/2 tablespoons refined white sugar/ honey/ agave

**Persons desiring sugar-free edibles may want to use Stevia or monk fruit extract**

  • 1- tablespoon fresh lemon or lime juice
  • 4- tablespoons unflavored gelatin
  • 24 dose servings of CBD-rich tincture or oil**

**To determine the dosage, multiply the individual dose by 24. For example, if you usually take 1- dropper (1ml, or approximately 20 drops), you should add 24 ml. And, if you’re aiming for a specific number of milligrams of CBD per gummy, you’ll need to do some math. Multiply the target dosage by 24, so you’ll achieve 10mg gummies by adding 240mg of CBD to the recipe. 

Stage 1: Making the Hibiscus tea

Place the hibiscus flowers or tea bags in a cup or bowl and pour the boiled water on. Let steep for 5 minutes, then strain 3/4 cups of the liquid.

Stage 2: Add ingredients and dissolve

In a small saucepan, pour the 3/4 cups tea, add the sugar, lemon juice, and dried fruit powder, and mix until all dry ingredients dissolve. Place the saucepan over a slow flame, and using a wire whish, stir to cook the mixture over low heat, NOT bringing to boil. 

Slowly add the gelatin while mixing slowly. Ensure all ingredients are thoroughly blended and melted, forming a syrup-like mixture. ( Do not whisk the liquid too hard as you can cause the foam to start on the top.) When everything is combined well, the liquid should have a glossy look. 

Stage 3: Adding the CBD oil or Tincture

Remove the syrup from the heat, and using the dropper, add the drops of CBD oil or Tincture, stirring until it is dissolved fully in the mixture. 

Stage 4: Molding the gummies

Secure the gummy mold on a rimmed baking tray for safe and easy handling. Using the puppet or spoon, carefully drop the precious liquid into each mold. The liquid dries quickly after being taken from the heat, so work as fast as you can to pour the liquid into the mold. Should bubbles form in any of your gummies, use a toothpick to bust them.

Now they are in the mold, refrigerate for two hours. Remove them from the fridge after two hours and pop them out from the silicone mold. Put the Gummies on a wire rack in a cool room and allow them to dry for 24 hours. 

Stage 5: Preparing for Storage

You can coat your gummies with sugar. To do this, you can pour some white sugar into a cup or small bowl, add a few at a time, and toss them. After coating them with sugar, let them air dry on the wire rack again for about an hour. Then you can pot the gummies in an airtight glass jar for storage. 

Side Note:

This Gummies recipe used hibiscus flowers or tea bags. If you are not a lover of hibiscus, then you may want to experiment with other dried fruit flavors. These gummies are your creation; you should enjoy them in whatever flavors. 



Different Ways To Consume Weed Without Smoking

Can you consume weed without smoking? For centuries marijuana, weed, or Cannabis, the method of consumption was smoking. Some made teas or added them to meals. The smoking of marijuana is culturally accepted, and the visualization of smokers will condor people drawing on a joint, bong, or pipe.

However, medically smoking is not healthy, and people suffering from respiratory illnesses are not supposed to be smoking anyway. Furthermore, it is not a discrete pastime, and because of the odor and plumes of smoke that comes with smoking cannabis, there are alternatives to consumption. And this is because more and more people of every age group are starting to realize the benefits of using marijuana. 

So, What Are The Different Ways To Consume Weed Without Smoking?

More people of every age group are consuming weed. Younger folks between 18-40 may consider smoking marijuana acceptable. However, older folks are accustomed to administering medications by mouth, taking pills, liquids, or even injections. Smoking medication in their world does not constitute taking their meds. So, Cannabis product manufacturers are facilitating different methods for consuming weed than smoking.

Here Are Some of The Different Methods For Weed Consumption

The Edible Method

The coined terminology edibles came about when people made their pot brownies, having it as tea, infusing it in oils/ Cannabis Coconut Oil, or kinds of butter and everyday meals; made it possible for Marijuana products for consumption other than smoking.

Edibles are for recreational or medicinal purposes. Recreational, the products contain more THC that users need to experience euphoria. The effects are not as quick when consuming as smoking, but the high lasts longer.

Medicinally, cannabis edibles are in the form of gummies, candies, Tinctures, and more, for consumption. The doctor writing these prescriptions has licenses within the state they practice. Their patients are given a marijuana medical card at the Cannabis Dispensary for filling the prescriptions. 

Medical marijuana products contain CBD, the chemical in the Cannabis plant that does not cause psychoactive effects. The Hemp plant is the most reliable of the Cannabis strain plant for providing 100% CBD for making these products. However, CBD extracted from marijuana can contain small amounts of THC that may affect the user. Therefore it is safer to use Hemp medical CBD products for treating patients.

The Pills, Capsules, and Tablets Method

It seems a strange concept for marijuana consumption to be in tablets, capsules, and pills form. But manufacturers of cannabis products are geared to facilitate the drug’s users what is comfortable to them. The skepticism about smoking your medicines is no longer a consideration. Instead, they see it as taking the required dose in a more traditional format, and if your doctor prescribes marijuana meds for treatment, it is best to ask what are the available options other than smoking. 

The Weed-Infused Beverage Method

The cannabis consumption options have incorporated beverages in their range of available products, making it more valid for people living in Los Angeles since it is one of the states in the US that have legalized marijuana. However, if you are not a native LA person, there are other ways to enjoy your weed-infused beverage. 

Marijuana extracts are in Tinctures and oils, which you can buy at any Cannabis Dispensary. If you prefer CBD concentrates, this Hemp product is available across all 50 States. You can blend your weed beverage with whatever flavor drinks, teas, coffee, cocktails, or personal favorites you desire. 

Weed Tinctures and oils are ideal for those desiring to make their beverages as potent or less potent, depending on their preferences. Only ask the dispensary what percentage of THC or CBD is in the products. Cannabis or Hemp Rosin because it is 100% concentrated extracts, there is the caution to go slow. 

Weed Topicals And Creams Method

These are extremely good for people suffering from joint or muscular pains. It contains less bioavailability as a consumption method, yet it is effective. The products come in Cannabis balms, gels, creams, salves, lotions, and bath bombs. The Topicals and creams, when rubbed to the skin, and the effects are almost immediate. The bath bombs are therapeutic as they help relax and revitalize the body, soothing painful and tired muscles. These are other ways of consumption of weed. 

Vaping Weed

Many people may think this is another form of smoking the herb; however, technically, it is not. The process requires heat but in a more sophisticated format. You heat to the vape pen; the oils are heated and release vapors for you to inhale. As a result, many believe the vape pen may outlive joints, blunts, and pipes, someday becoming obsolete. 

Finally, Weed Transdermal Patch Method

Like the nicotine patch, when the application is to the skin, It releases the drug as required, and for people that may develop any side effects, they can remove it quickly. Like any medication, some people do produce side effects. It is always the way to go for adhering to the doctor’s prescription and keeping your follow-up appointments. If you notice any unusual signs, inform your doctor.


The many choices for consuming Weed, Cannabis, or Marijuana are dependent on which option is comfortable for you. Considering the herb is legally available in all states in CBD form, while THC formats products are in dispensaries, for people using the drug for the first time, it can not be cautious enough, GO SLOW!

The age requirement for people to buy weed is 18 years.

And this is for people to use for medical reasons. The 18-year-old cannot legally go into a Cannabis dispensary and purchase the drug. They must possess a medical card and have a valid prescription, and even then, they must also be under the care and supervision of an adult caregiver. 

Recreational users also must start from age 18 to make purchases. Experience weed users understand the risks of using outside of a controlled environment and, as such, do this at their own risk. Anyone using marijuabna recreationally must decide to make responsible choices for the use.