Rosin is the new kid on the block in Cannabis consumption, whether it is marijuana or hemp products. Depending on your reasons for using the products, it is best to know what you are buying and where to get the best in the market, and because there are different levels of potency content of THC and CBD. So what is it, and are there differences between hash Rosin and live Rosin? 

What is Hash 

Hash is made from the flower of the Cannabis plant with these trichomes attached to them:

  1. The trichomes or kief are extracted by agitating the flowers of different sizes, causing them to separate from the flowers.
  2. The trichomes are rolled together in small balls or charas.
  3. There is another way to make it after collecting the trichomes, pressing them together with a machine.

Another method for making it is the ice water bath.

The Cannabis flowers are placed in a series of bags and immersed in the ice water bath. At each level of emersion, the kief is collected and compressed to form the hash. The finished product is a whitish cream color that looks like brick chunks, and it is a premium product in the Cannabis world. And this is because the hash is in its concentrated form, and it is more potent than flowers.  

Recognizing kief, it is a sticky substance that oozes from the plant’s flowers, and it has a golden brown color. The hash contains THC and CBD chemicals that are pretty potent, in a range of potency of 20-60% THC.

Hash Rosin

Now that we know what hash is, we can delve into what hash Rosin is. It is the end product of intense heat applied to the brick of hash. First, of course, the process needs Cannabis hash, a heat press, and some parchment paper. 

The hash is placed between folded parchment paper and put into the heat press. The heat applied with the pressure of the heating press squeezing the Cannabis hash causes the ‘juice’ or Rosin to ooze out onto the parchment paper. The gooey ooze or terpenes is collected and packaged in clean air-tight glass jars to preserve their potency. 

Hash Rosin can be made at home or done commercially. The production ratio is determined by your tools. 

What is Live Rosin

Like making hash rosin, heat and pressure are the methods to extract the terpenes. However, the difference between the two products is that hash is extracted from dried flowers, while live Rosin is from freshly cut Cannabis or hemp flowers. The terpenes are almost 100% top-quality potency since it is from fresh buds. Unlike resin, there is no solvent used for the process, which uses butane or carbon dioxide to help the extraction process. 

How to Identify Live Rosin

Live Rosin contains at least 75-80% THC depending on the Cannabis plant used. The different Cannabis and hemp plant strains are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. 

During the extraction, most of its terpenes remain from the buds, and there are no solvents or chemicals used in the extraction process. 

The color is distinguishable from other concentrates. It has the color of amber or a smoky white appearance. 

It is pricy, and this is because of the processing. Although it can be a DIY- do-it-yourself project for mass commercial sales, the machinery, and workforce with other overheads, pushes up the price. Depending on the Cannabis strain used, the cost per gran can be $35 to a high of $100 per gram. 

Consumption is versatile. It can be dabbed, placed in your weed joint, and mixed in edibles to make brownies, drinks, teas, vaped, cannabutter, and more. 

Cannabis Vs. Hemp

Cannabis contains a higher concentration of THC- CBD; therefore, extracts from the plant are of higher potency. And this gives the user the euphoria they need, contributing to the psychoactive experiences most people identify with marijuana. The difference is that smoking flower is not as potent as Rosin. The concentrated product is the end product of harvesting the raw concentrates from the freshly cut flowers, while smoking is from consuming the dried flowers. The overwhelming effects of using Cannabis rosin are known as ‘greening out.’ 

For people who may experience this effect, it is best to use the product in a safe place or with a trusted friend or family member. You will need to be hydrated as the effects can cause great thirst and hunger. You may also need to rest. Any form of excess activity can cause an increase in heart rate, which can multiply your anxiety ratio. Deep breathing is also an excellent way to help counter the greening-out effects.

Hemp Rosin

This contains a more significant percentage of CBD which does not cause the psychoactive effects as THC in Cannabis. Although Cannabis does contain CBD, it has to be separated from the plant to be viable for treating people without causing the high. C

It is good for treating medical issues of anxiety, depression, and insomnia and is a legal product you can buy at any Cannabis Dispensary. It is also the main ingredient in making Topicals, shampoos, pain-relieving ointments, etc. 


The information above; is only a tiny amount of information. Whatever you choose, it is pertinent to get as much information as possible on either product. Should you decide to make it at home, investigate the cheapest and most reliable equipment for your needs. Because you can make the product by using a hair straightener and parchment paper, you may want to seek the best hair straightener to buy.