What are rosin chews? Rosin is the concentrate extracted from freshly harvested flowers of the hemp and Cannabis plants. No chemicals like butane or carbon dioxide for this extraction method. Therefore, the concentrate is a pure, potent, and clean product. Like resin, Rosin is the crucial ingredient for making edibles, Topicals, drinks, gummies or chewable, etc. Rosin is a cleaner product so it is of the highest quality compound ever removed from the plants for consumption. So, what are Rosin Chews?

What Are Rosin Chews

Most users of resin know what Rosin is and prefer this extract. And this is because it contains almost all the terpenes and flavonoids, making a full spectrum product. The extraction process is less time-consuming, so it can be made at home by anyone wanting to try DIY Rosin production. They will need a heating pres, some parchment paper, and some fresh cannabis or hemp buds for pressing. 

The concentrates are for manufacturing edibles, oils, topicals, etc. The Rosin extract has also proven to be applicable for making these products and more. For example, a Rosin chews manufactured by Cheeba Chews have revolutionized the way Cannabis users look at edibles. They contain the amount of potency legal for consumption and sales, but they also have a quality that you would expect in a cannabis edible. 

Unlike resin concentrates made using solvents for extraction, which try to eliminate the taste of the plant’s natural funky flavors, Rosin does not. And Cheeba chews have formulated a formula for incorporating the natural flavor of the Cannabis and hemp plant in their chews and have constituted flavors to enhance your chewing experiences.  

How Are Rosin Chews Made

Because Rosin is a Cannabis extract, and the consistency is sticky yet does not facilitate naturally holding a particular shape, the manufacturers of these delicious chews have incorporated the french pectin for achieving this. Flavors blend into the Rosin, and a small amount of pectin causes the chews to firm up and take shape accordingly. In addition, it makes it easier to place in the molds to conform to the figures and makes for easier handling. The different flavors of these Rosin chew by Cheeba Chews are strawberry, caramel, sour apple, and chocolate taffy. Connoisseurs of the product can have in Sativa, Indica, hybrid, 2:1 (Cheeba Chews sleepy), or 1:1 cannabinoid formulations. 

Where Can You Buy Rosin Chews

Colorado is the mecca of anything Cannabis. Therefore, these states sell Rosin Chews. Other is legal for selling cannabis products, and Cheeba Chews they can be found at these dispensaries as well. They are California, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Massachusetts. 

The Rosin is sourced from the highest quality Rosin manufacturers in Colorado for manufacturing these chews. These extractors are Kush Masters, Rosslyn, Soiko Bono, and Sovereign Labs. Again, being a few of the best at extracting the quality concentrates required for making these chews you so crave. And because Cheeba Chews are particular about the right strain used in their products, it is no wonder they seek after the cannabinoids and terpenes profiles perfect for blending with the unique flavors.

What to Expect From Consuming Rosin Chews

There are two different types of Rosin prodigies available on the market. They are CBD Rosin, which extracts from the hemp plant, and THC Rosin, the Cannabis plant. 

The CBD Rosin is excellent for treating medical issues in patients. People suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, stress, depression, insomnia, PTSD- post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s, etc., get relief after using these CBD medications. Unlike other concentrates extracted from the cannabis plant for recreational use and get you high, CBD concentrates are for medical relief. 

The potency percentage of a THC Rosin can be as high as 70%, and use can cause to have the feeling of a massive hangover. While with the CBD Rosin, the relaxing therapeutic feeling enhanced by the relief from the ailments mentioned above comes from the 85% CBD – 0.3% THC contained in the products. The effects are immediate because of its total volume, and you only need to consume a smaller amount compared to its THC counterpart.

Now, the same is valid for the effects and relief when used for consuming Rosin Chews. Therefore, the THC Rosin is the perfect choice for persons needing a high instead of medicinal relief.

The Choice is Yours For Medical Relief

Rosin Chews manufactured by Cheeba Chews distinguish consumption based on flavors. You can expect to experience its calming and sleepy effects for the Sour Apple Ice Cream cake flavor. While the Strawberry x Grape Gelato energizes and enhances your euphoric experience.

The cost per packet is $25, and it comes in 10 bite-size pieces. For a new person using any cannabis products for the first time, you should use them with caution. Try a bit to see your reaction and up the level should you have a higher tolerance than you expected. And for experienced users of any cannabis product, whether medically or therapeutically, you can start with consuming a piece at a time and up the dosage. 


CBD Rosin is legal in all 50 states, and because it is from the Hemp plant, it is scientifically classified as safe for consumption and therefore available in any dispensary. In addition, people can purchase fresh flowers and make their Rosin for personal use, making edibles, drinks, and more. 

Although Rosin can be consumed by other methods than chews, dabbing, smoking- infusing in your joint, and vaping. Because it is a full spectrum product, the benefits are the same for whichever method of consumption you favor rocking. 

Another reminder; not because CBD Rosin and its products are legal, you must ensure purchasing from a reputable Dispensary. There are still evil people that are only out to make the big bucks and are not concerned with what they sell to make money. It is best to be safe than sorry.


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