Why does weed crackle? Experience Cannabis users may not ask this question. However, it can be a concern for newbies, and the best thing to do is get a complete understanding of their marijuana. You are consuming a herb and do not understand the plant’s personality; you’re experiencing a phenomenon of crackling while smoking can be a concern. You may believe it may explode, it’s too dry, or you have purchased the wrong plant. Here are a few things to know about why weed crackle when smoking.

Your Cannabis Bud May Be Dry

It is not far-fetched for dried plant material to crackle when burning, and marijuana is no different. However, during the drying process, weed-growers may have let it stay out in the sun for too long; hence, it is excessively drier than it should be. Or they may leave the buds in the drying process for a more extended time and handled not too delicately during the process. 

Seeds Are Part of Your Purchase

Growers packaging the dried plants are non too specific in searching through the product to ensure it is free from unwanted materials, for example, seeds. However, it may not be wrong, especially for persons loving to venture into a DIY growing adventure. They can search their weed before smoking to get to these valuable seeds for planting. 

There may be a more scientific reason for seeds in your stash; as Sugar Team said: “Seeds will occur in cannabis plants when pollination occurs. It usually means one of two things: that the female cannabis plant came into contact with pollen from a male plant or that the seeds are from a case of hermaphroditism. We don’t want to get too scientific here, so we will leave it for the botanists to explain.”

Stems in Your Stash

Lousy product management can cause your stash to become contaminated with stems. Stems of the Cannabis plant are not for smoking, and because growers may not separate stems from the product before packaging, you can have that hindrance when smoking a joint. In addition, dry weed stems cause crackling when lit and can be a no-no for your experience. 

Pre-rolls can suffer the same fate, as producers do not sift through their delivery of weed flowers before rolling joints. Consequently, you can expect to find items in your marijuana flowers purchased from a roadside vendor. And this is because the illegal marketer seeks to sell their product quickly, hence the lack of proper packaging. 

Flushing to Prevent Crackling

The possibilities, as mentioned earlier, for ganja to crackle during smoking, if these issues are taken care of from your investigation, then the likelihood of improper flushing may be the cause. 

Weed flushing is a cultivation anomaly necessary for Cannabis to mature at its finest for quality. These concerns growers allowing the plants to use the nutrients already established during the growing process and not feeding the plants more. They are only given water for hydration, and this stage in the growth process prevents contamination of the weed beds. If the grower is negligent in establishing flushing at the proper time, you will experience crackling when smoking.

Pesticide in Your Weed

Another more significant concern when people smoke the product is the presence of pesticide residue on the plant. Marijuana has anti-pesticide properties within the plant that prevents pests from attacking it. Therefore, there is no need to use these harsh chemicals for growing. Instead, it happily produces its antimicrobial pathogens to protect the plant. 

And this is dangerous if you find that your cannabis is contaminated with pesticides causing crackling. These chemicals can be harmful if consumed! The recommendation is to purchase your marijuana from a reputable Cannabis Dispensary to ensure you are buying products tested by a registered lab and can verify the quality of the product you consume.

Caring For Your Weed Before Smoking

If you trust the merchant, your quality is secure for adventurous people who decide to purchase from an illegal vendor. But if you are buying from them for the first time, it is best to sift through the product eliminating the parts not needed, like stems, seeds, and majorly dried buds. And this cuts down or eliminates the possibility of experiencing crackles when smoking.

Buying cannabis from an established dispensary can also come with weed containing some seed and stem, so it is best to sift the stash before rolling your joint. If you experience this terrible quality product from a dispensary too often, it may be time to change supplier. 

Why People Smoke Weed

Smoking cannabis is generally for recreational purposes. However, some people with medical issues like nausea from chemotherapy get relief from smoking the herb. The plant contains two main chemicals that scientists have researched and discovered their benefits. These compounds are THC and CBD. They are in Cannabis in different percentage potency. Hemp is another plant from the Cannabis strain that contains THC and CBD; however, it has more significant percentages of CBD than THC.  

THC is the chemical attributed to the euphoric feeling experienced when smoking marijuana. While CBD contained in hemp is attributed to its medicinal components for relief from pain, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.


Regardless of their reasons, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, weed users must ensure they trust the supplier they buy their products from when needed. There is also the factor of legality depending on the state in the US you live. Get familiar with the laws concerning which effects of THC and CBD are legal in your possession, as you may be running afoul of the law. Although over 33 states have legalized Cannabis, there are regulations concerning what can be bought and sold within these states.

So, with the wealth of information given, have a crackle-free experience smoking your weed!