What should you know about rosin concentrates in the United States? Medical Cannabis is the operative buzzword when it concerns the United States. The legalization of marijuana concentrates across the country is the highest money-making industry there ever was. The long-awaited Senate approval and legalization of Cannabis for lobbyists is a long time in coming. However, the popularity of marijuana derivatives or concentrates has changed the illegal drug that was once considered taboo into this multi-billion dollar industry. 

Although Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug, the content of The Farm Bill of 2018; changes how these concentrates grow, produce, and market. 

What is it?

Rosin is a concentrated extract from Cannabis and Hemp. Cannabis contains about 90% THC, which causes a euphoric feeling when consumed by smoking, concentrates, or edibles. The remaining 0.3% CBD is the part of the Cannabis chemical that does not result in the high. Therefore the extract from the plant is at its highest potency levels. 

With the Hemp CBD type, the potency levels are just as high and do not cause the euphoric effects. CBD is used for medicinal purposes, while THC is for recreational uses. 

Though they’re relatively new, they’ve grown in popularity because it is more refined and potent than chemically extracted concentrates. You only need heat and pressure to remove it. It is the purest form of any Cannabis concentrate, and the thick amber syrupy substance is like liquid gold. 

How To Extract Rosin

The extraction process is the same whether you are extracting it from Cannabis or Hemp buds. The only factor is the quality of the material you are using. The buds have to be at their freshest and dried, extracting about 75% of the water contained and the hash of the highest grade Cannabis or hemp strain. The strains of plants are categorized; as Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Your flavonoids and terpenes will have different flavors or tastes, depending on your choice. But the potency is the same.

Materials and Equipment for Extraction
  • Cannabis or Hemp buds or hash
  • Unbleached parchment paper
  • Heating press/ hair straightener
  • Storage jar

The process is simple. Heat the heating press or hair straightener to the desired temperature. Fold the bud or hash in the parchment paper, remembering to form a cone-like funnel for channeling the extract into the storage jar. Place the folded parchment onto the heating plate and press. You will gradually notice the amber or golden liquid oozing out. The color will vary depending on how much water is in the bud or if you made the temperature above 200- 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which will cause the liquid to have a darker hue. 

Rosin Concentrates in The United States

Cannabis concentrates and the now Rosin concentrate is at their highest commodity for the United States. Moreover, it is more popular here than in Canada. Cannabis Concentrates corner a whopping 9.5% share in sales compared to other cannabis products. With rosin joining the consumers’ cache of marijuana concentrates available, it is no wonder it is becoming the most popular. 

Hemp Rosin is a total concentration of CBD, which most Cannabis users need to relieve medical symptoms. CBD is nonpsychoactive and therefore constitutes the majority of users in the US. It is also legal across the country. Another factor is that it can be processed and used at home, which is legal. The content of cannabinoids in CBD is 100%, and depending on the plant’s strain the Rosin is extracted, you may find a bit of THC present. However, this negates the high you experience when consuming THC at its full potency. 

Rosin Concentrate Commercially

Like everything Cannabis, there is an angle for making money. Because CBD Hemp Rosin is legal, people are gravitating to the commercial accessibility of the product. Home processed is just that, for use at home. And some people making their concentrate at home are really into the mindset of the relief from any medical issue they may have. 

Processing it commercially is another thing entirely. The first thing to consider is the Cannabis or Hemp strain of plant you will use. If you are not cultivating the plant, you need a source for the best flower, buds, or hash to press. 

The breakdown for earnings is on Triminator’s website post:”


“Start with two pounds of flour. Let’s say it’s a good flower, testing at 22% THC, so its market value is $1,000 per pound, or $2,000 total. You get most of the oil out when it presses—around a 19% yield by weight. That’s almost exactly 200 grams of Rosin. So for $20 per gram, your 200 grams are worth $4,000.

  • So, your investment in $2,000 worth of flowers can get you a $4,000 value of Rosin. Overheads like paying staff, supplies, and time are also a factor. Time: $20 per hour is $160
  • Supplies: Rosin bags and parchment paper 
  • Flowers cost: $2,000/ two pounds flowers/$4,000 worth of product 
  • Staff cost /supplies: $280 / eight-hour day
  • Total= $1,720 profit per day”

It is a science determined by your work and the business application for making a profit. And this is based on manufacturing in the US.

Terminator Reworked the Math Using Cheaper Materials

The cheaper flowers, buds, and hash you decide to use, the result is a potent quality and you can sell at a lower cost. You will still make a profit, but you are pressing at the lower end of the spectrum because of the quality material. 

  • Starting with $2,000 of trim (10 pounds). It tests at 10% THC. 
  • Converting that 10 pounds of ganja into kief or hash/labor costs $45 
  • 10 pounds of trim = $2,000
  • 10 pounds trim = 1 pound kief or bubble hash = 315 grams of product = $6,300 revenue
  • A pound of bubble hash will yield about 70% by weight because it’s much more potent and flows better. That’s 315 grams of product. And, at that $20/gram price, all expenses told, it’ll yield a profit of almost $4,000!”

Investing in a Press

There are Rosin presses available on the market, and your search may take you to Amazon or even Terminator. Depending on your budget, a good press can easily cost between $2,000- $3,000. The investment will eventually pay off as your earnings make sense considering your business approach. High-quality product will ensure continuous customers. The drawback is that you will lose over time if you decide to sell inferior products. Remember, people, talk!