Does CBD Rosin get you high? Cannabis has come a long way within the past decade, with the United States government passing the law for CBD- cannabidiol and all its products to be legal. It comes from the Hemp plant, which is from the marijuana family of plants. Marijuana and Cannabis are the same but named differently, and because hemp is within the plant strain, most people do not have the relevant information about the plant. They believe it causes the same reaction of THC, which is the chemical part of Cannabis that causes the psychoactive experiences.

CBD does not cause the high that THC does, and its chemical reactive percentage is 0.3% potency. At the same time, THC contains at least 70% chemical potency depending on the strain. It comes from the Sativa plant, the highest grade of hemp you can find. But, of course, where it is grown determines the quality yield. 

So What is Rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate extracted from the fresh-cut flowers of the mature hemp plant that is dried and cured. The extraction process is heat and pressure applied to the flowers, releasing Rosin’s needed concentrates. 

The CBD hemp flower is from the Sativa strain of the female Cannabis plant. It contains high qualities of CBD and CBG- cannabigerol. And the plant also produces flower buds which contain high concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids. The plant has distinguishing marks by the tightly bunched clusters known as colas. Because the hemp plant contains less THC- tetrahydrocannabinol, it does not cause euphoria like the Cannabis plant. 

How to Make CBD Rosin

Users of Cannabis products and those who have tried their hands at DIY homemade projects at making oils and extracts will tell you the process can be dangerous or tedious. And this is because, in the past, the process involved in extracting Rasin from Cannabis plants used harsh butane and or carbon dioxide. These products are volatile and can cause explosions. The method for extracting Rosin from the hemp flower is safer as it does not use any of these dangerous chemicals. It would be best to have a pressing machine, some parchment paper, and a collecting container for the extract. 

The process gives you the highest grade terpenes you could hope to experience. 

What is CBD Rosin Used For

The prospect of Cannabis and CBD for medicinal purposes has fast-tracked the legalization of CBD Rosin. As a result, the bill passed in 2018/ the farm Bill making CBD cultivation, sales, possession, purchasing, transportation, and use legal in 50 states in the US. It is also permitted to purchase CBD Rosin products online.

Rosin and its products are beneficial for relieving stress and tension after a long day, promoting well-being, and facilitating a good night’s sleep. It is also applicable for use in pain relief. There are products containing it sold that are readily available to you without your having to make the concentrate yourself. These products are topicals, drinks, edibles, and gummies. Other more experienced users prefer to use the product directly; by dabbing, infusing with a joint, or consuming the oil. 

During consumption of the product, the chemical contained in hemp CBD Rosin is not psychoactive; you can consume Rosin and become sleepy. And this is not a bad thing, only if used and you have to drive that is not advisable. So it is best to use the drug while in a safe place, like your home, and not have to go out or use heavy equipment. 

The Effective Way To Use It

Although smoking Rosin while adding to a joint is good, the best consumption method is under the tongue for persons not wanting to deal with becoming high. And this causes quicker absorption. It is also a discrete way to enjoy the product and gives you the advantage of managing how much you consume. Because it absorbs into the bloodstream quickly, you can indulge in smaller amounts to get the desired effects. 

Types of Hemp Strain

Although Cannabis strains are named Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, these names also apply to hemp strains. They are effective in different ways to affect relief for users without the euphoric feeling that THC gives when using Cannabis. 

The Hemp Strains are:

Indica: This hemp strain helps you to relax, sleep better and calms you down after a hectic day working

Sativa: The hemp Sativa uplifts and energizes you to work in a creative space and be active

Hybrid: A combination of Sativa and Indica to generate both effects in one use.


Like any Cannabis product, you need to make your purchase of CBD Rosin products at reputable dispensaries or registered stores. Unfortunately, there are inferior products in the marketplace that are not of the best quality and may not be the contented item you need. 

Makin is easy, and for this reason, you can make your own. There are many DIY blogs online on how to make CBD Rosin, and in this way, you are sure of the content of your product. In addition, it is the strain you should have concerns about since you may not get the one you want. Having made your Rosin, you can make edibles, gummies, drinks, brownies, etc. They should keep for a long time, and it is cost-effective, to say the least.

The above information shows that it does not get you high. The properties of the hemp plant do not facilitate this. As a result, many people not familiar with CBD or Cannabis, for that matter, shy away from getting the relief they need. If you need more information, please visit the nearest cannabis dispensary in your area, and they will give you all the information you need to understand the product.