Is it legal to buy weed online in the USA? National state laws in the United States govern Cannabis, or weed as it is named locally, to buy it online. Some states make it legal for people to use recreational and medicinally, but this is a different argument for web purchases. 

In today’s global marketplace, you can certainly buy anything; for weed purchases online, there are still gray areas concerning this route.

The state you live in determines what you can and cannot do on buying Cannabis from a website. The products are available but are you allowed legally to make an online purchase for marijuana products? The answer we are going to furnish you. 

If your state prohibits weed use, then you are legally not allowed to purchase. And you cannot buy from any of the states that have legalized weed online for delivery to you. So this is a NO, NO!

You will hear of states that legally dispense medical Cannabis, which is for people with a medical card. However, they must buy the drug from a licensed Cannabis Dispensary and have such prescriptions from a doctor approved to dispense such drugs. 

Some states in the US have legalized recreational use and purchasing of weed.

In these 11 states, you may be able to place your order online; shipment to your home is another consideration. However, you can order online and pick it up in-store or a curbside service pick-up. 

But, I believe the question you need to answer is; Is it legal to buy weed online and have it shipped through the postal services to your home?

Does the Postal Services Facilitate Cannabis Shipments?

Because the federal government still classifies Cannabis; as a Schedule 1 drug, then NO, it is illegal to order and ship through the post. Even though marijuana is legal in 11 states for recreational use and legal in 33 states for medicinal purposes. 

Drug trafficking is a severe offense, and anyone caught using the Postal Services in this way can and will be prosecuted. In addition, private postal services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL also have red flags in their service codes against shipping anything weed. Hence, the option for online purchasing and in-store pick up. And this must be within the jurisdiction of your state.

Are CBD Products Legal For Online Ordering and Shipment

Most CBD- cannabinoid products are derived from Hemp. And this is because Hemp contains the highest percentage of CBD, which is not the chemical that causes the psychoactive reactions from using Cannabis. 

We could clarify here that weed, marijuana, Hemp, and Ganja are all families of Cannabis. The region reorientates the different names it is grown. For example, Ganja is colloquially Cannabis in Jamaica. 

Now back to Hemp. Hemp contains over 90% CBD and only 0.03% THC- delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol. (THC is the chemical that causes the high most people associates with using weed.) 

Because CBD is not a psychoactive chemical, purchasing products containing this chemical and the concentrates can be done on the web and sent through the regular Postal Service. In addition, the Farm Bill passed in 2018 decriminalized Hemp and its derivatives, which liberated them from the Controlled Substance Act list. As a result, people are free to grow and manufacture products containing Hemp CBD concentrates.

What is Cannabis/ Hemp Live Rosin?

Live Rosin is the purest solvent-free concentrate you can extract from Hemp. It can be from Cannabis, but the potent levels may contain traces of THC. 

Hemp Live Rosin contains over 90% CBD compounds and less than or maybe none of THC, depending on the strain cultivated. The extraction method is heat and pressure and can be done at home or commercially. And because the process for extraction of this concentrate is solventless, it is the most sought-after product. Live Rosin is a reasonably new Cannabis/ Hemp product available, and for its high concentration of CBD content, it is legal in every state across America. 

The Rosin produced must be derived from Hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC or none. The legalized commercial sales states are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Oregon, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Vermont.

Cannabis/ Hemp Live Rosin What Are The Uses

Hemp CBD or Cannabis CBD, though different Cannabis strains contain the same non-high levels of potency. It is legal for purchasing via the internet? Unlike weed, because of what it can be effective in helping. Cannabis weed is mainly for recreational uses, and because it causes euphoria, it is not available for purchase online, and it is illegal in most states.

While Rosin is legal statewide, you are legally authorized to make purchases, and you must be between 18- 21 to buy CBD products. In addition, some states may have restrictions on what types of CBD you can buy, so you may want to research your state’s laws concerning this product. 

Uses of Rosin

If you’ve been using CBD for a long time, you already know how it affects your body. But Rosin is unique in that a small dose gives you far more of those plant compounds that you love about Hemp. Therefore, you may find that your hemp experience is more potent when you consume Rosin. 

The concentration level in Live Rosin is extracted from fresh buds using heat and pressure to pull the golden goodness. Consumption is favorable based on your preference. Some may dab or infuse the concentrate in their joints before lighting up. Others prefer a more refined way to consume by making Cannabis, syrups, gummies, and brownies.

Productions from Live Rosin are salves, creams, lotions, and shampoos, called Topicals and Tinctures. These are legal, depending on your home state.

Is Buying Weed Online Legal in The Us

The answer to the question is; no if you are thinking of purchasing weed directly online for postal delivery. However, in the state you reside, if they have legalized weed for sale in Cannabis Dispensaries, the best option is to buy directly from them with an in-store transaction.